02 August 2009

"Reach Out" - updated

Anyone who knows me well and has heard me talk about my time in Chicago (or read my blog post from 3 years ago) knows that I gave extra attention to one particular kid at the YMCA. I've always been drawn to people that come from a difficult background or situation or that maybe I see as especially in need of something I can offer (education, kindness, attention, etc). The tough thing about that is while it feels great to help those kind of people out, there are going to be instances where you can't 'fix' them. Through the wonder of the facebook network, I saw that my little Y camper is now 6 months pregnant going into her junior year of high school. I know she had some very difficult (to put it mildly) experiences growing up, so I am hoping that she can take that and hopefully provide the care & attention to her baby that she didn't get.
Something to keep in my prayers for sure.

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