31 August 2009

Putting Foot into Mouth

I saw this flash across ESPN on Friday and then found the video of these two teams playing a big rivalry match in Bolivia over the weekend. I haven't tried to get the whole story surrounding it. From what I saw, there was some rough play from #9 for Blooming and evidentally the guy in blue (Oriente) gets up and pretty much looses his mind. After shaking off whatever injustice had been dealt him, he gets up charges #9 in green stripes, knocks him down and berates him. That much is pretty intense but isn't unheard of. They both get reds and are sent off. But keep watching to see the "falcon kick" as I saw it named on the internet.


  1. And with CLEATS! I'll bet that guy's face had a few marks on it...

    "CAW!!" (Falcon cry)

  2. I guess you could say he knocked the guy's head off, and I think he should be banned forever. He could have killed him.

  3. I agree. This should warrent jail time.

    "That's assualt, brutha!"