07 August 2009

New Computers!

I was very happy to hear at the end of the school year that I was up for new computers in my classroom. The old Dells were getting slow and not running the greatest. They will be passed on to a middle school to enjoy. :) I was not looking forward to unpacking, setting up and hooking up 24 computers though. So I was very happy to see a room full of new HP's, all set up and ready when I stopped in to my room yesterday. I'll still have to spend some time adding a couple programs to all of them but I'm looking forward to smooth sailing on them this year!


  1. wow, super, very exciting and off to a good start for the year.

  2. Hurray for techie elves that come into your classroom in the middle of the night and set up computers! I'm expecting to hear you're named 2010 Teacher of the Year because you'll have computers that work well enough and fast enough to actually follow through with lesson plans. You're poised for greatness!