04 August 2009

Here's My Excuse...

I feel like I haven't blogged much at all lately and here are a few excuses that I came up with to help explain my absence:
  • Ignite mentor training - I'm going to be helping with a program that has students mentoring our incoming freshmen. I think it could be a fun and beneficial thing, but it definitely in the beginning stages and will probably be rocky. I'm excited about it though.
  • photoshop lesson - I got (an older version of ) Photoshop on my laptop a couple weeks ago and met with a college friend who works as in design over his lunch. I provided the Jimmy John's; he provided a sweet run through of the very basics of the program. It is crazy to work with a non-Microsoft program that is so different and can do SO much! If I can learn and teach 10% of it I'll be doing good. (sidenote: this new adidas header on my blog is my first header done in photoshop.) But it will be very fun to learn! Plus one of my Penguin teammates was nice enough to agree to come into my class and lead my kids & I in some Photoshop fun. Woo hoo!
  • tennis - I have finally started to win a few sets here and there, which is a nice change. And I don't think it is just the new racquet! I've been playing lots and will definitely miss it when school starts and my partner moves to TX!
  • movie al fresco party - I love having a get-together because, if nothing else, you are forced to pick up, clean and rearrange. So our apartment looks nice with a few changes and some new things on the walls. We had a fun group of friends over, had some tasty food (albeit way too much), and lots of laughs at Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It is so nice to sit outside on a cool summer night and watch a movie with a bunch of friends. Now I can see why drive-in's used to be so popular!
  • Wellman's - wing night ($5 all you can eat), a friendly bartender, a nice spacious patio, cheap drink specials, friends that like to congregate there and a former student waiting on tables have combined to make this place a fun summer hangout.
  • car repairs - I won't go into the long version of this story, but just suffice it to say that there was a misdiagnosis (and sadly, very underestimated quote) and around 10 hours over two days without a car.


  1. Love the new header, very you--:) you will need to go to Italy and see an adidas factory. Bring me a jacket back.

  2. Please save the "whoo hoo" for after the class visit, we don't want to jump the gun haha