23 August 2009

Goodbye Summer

Although students won't show up until Thursday, for me and the rest of the teaching force, school starts tomorrow. The weather we were gifted on this last day of summer vacation was simply put, perfect. A sunny, nearly cloud free sky. A high of 79 degrees and mild gentle breeze. I did my best to enjoy as much of it as possible. I had breakfast (Hy-Vee of course) with caboose, then rode my bike to the tennis courts for a match against Jamie (and I've been on the winning side of things lately, which has been nice). After biking home and showering up, I've spent a good portion of the afternoon outside underneath the shade of a tree in our backyard, reading the first half of a new book, munching grapes, sipping lemonade and just drinking in as much relaxation as possible. I'm now sitting down with a slice of the pie I baked yesterday and am going to spend this evening with this girl I have a super-crush on, Audrey Hepburn. It has been a great day.
Looking back a little over my summer got me thinking that it has really been a great few months. I was fortunate to earn some good money working a summer school job that I enjoyed. I was able to start each day in June off with daily mass and with priests that did a great job. I had some great times with my family, playing the park, hanging out back home, Happy Meat Night and College World Series. stoppable & I ran a 5k! caboose & I went to movies, tried out new restaurants, went to shows and threw a party. I heard some great live music. Made three great trips to Chicago and one to Minneapolis. I had some great times playing volleyball. My tennis game improved quite a bit and while I didn't do RAGBRAI, I did ride my bike a bunch. I made some new friends, got to know other friends even better, and reconnected with a couple I'd lost touch with. I've been blessed with some great times and great people to spend them with the past few months. Thanks to everyone.


  1. Sounds like a very enjoyable summer. You did really ride your bike, good job.

  2. That does sound like an enjoyable summer! I have been riding my bike like a fool this summer. I can't wait for fall.. Thanks for sharing your summer thru great blog post and pics.

  3. Nice patronage of the local deli!

    They still beat out VillageInn, etc. with me