19 August 2009

ESPN comes to A-P

In case people hadn't heard about this yet, ESPN is going to be showing Aplington-Parkersburg's season opener against Dike-New Hartford live on August 28. They will have a documentary showing the hour before the game. Personally, I love seeing high school sports on ESPN and any publicity for Iowa high school's is great. This case in particular is one that, I feel, any good will and support will be much needed and well received. Plus, the game should be a good one, pitting A-P, a state 1A semifinalist against a 2A state qualifier. Now I just need to find somewhere to watch it since we don't get ESPN. :(


  1. After watching Applington's basketball team destroy the competition when I was in high school I've had a healthy repect for their ability and their training.

    I also loved the tornado rebuilding story from last year.

  2. This should be great--what a tribute to Coach Thomas. A great town sticking together through thick and thin.A feather in the hat of ESPN for doing the segment.

  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/21/us/21coach.html?hpw

    The NY Times had this article today. Two of his sons are moving back to Parkersburg to help.

  4. Oh my gosh, both sons moving back to coach. That town is lucky, to have such great people sticking together through hard times.