02 August 2009

Cashes Rivers Show

Cashes Rivers played a great gig last night at Drake neighborhood hot spot, Mars Cafe. By the time he was a couple songs in, all the seats were taken and there were standing to listen. While coffeeshop shows aren't known for audience participation, Cashes got people clapping, humming, and singing and I think he fit half of the crowd on stage with him for "Atoms." He had caboose join him for three songs, Mike Huss on a couple to add some production effect and there was even a guy playing trumpet for one song. New t-shirts were debuted with some nice artwork on American Apparel shirts. And the excellent gig posters featured a piece of caboose's artwork! Pix can be seen in flickr.


  1. Great write up! I was nervous that the posters would be grainy but they turned out just fine. I love the colors in that painting, way to go Caboose! Can't wait for the next show. (sept 26th) DogTown Fest 09!!

  2. Yeah - I was worried about the turnout at first. Turned out to not be a problem. Not sure the place would have been able to fit more people without taking out all of the tables.