02 July 2009

Summertime...and the living's easy

The weather can not be any more amazing that it has been that last few days. Mid-70's, low-80's, sunny, breezy, low humidity. What a blessing. And since today is my first day that I do not have to think about summer school, it really has felt like a bit of a gift. I slept in an extra hour, made a little breakfast, played an hour and a half of tennis, and walked down to the coffee shop to enjoy a chicken-salad croissant and an iced tea while I get some work done. Even though I think I'm getting worse instead of better on the tennis courts, it was very fun this morning. I also took some swings using my friend's racquet. Wow. I was blown away by how big of a difference there was. I guess you can but tennis rackets into that "you get what you pay for" category. So, now I have a nagging need to go out and treat myself to a new racket. :) Stay tuned.
A few other summery items:
  • I tried out this recipe for rhubarb slush and it is SUPER. I recommend.
  • Came across this video this morning of Local Natives, who I am unfamiliar with, doing an acoustic cover of 'Cecilia'. Not only is that one of my most favorite songs but there is a xylophone solo and I am a huge fan of bells. Great summer tune.
  • If your copy of my summer mix wasn't enough for you, I Am Fuel, You Are Friends, put out her summer mix yesterday and it looks good. Download and check out some new music.


  1. like the local natives, nice --but was the guy actually playing the tree or what? :)

  2. yeah!! wasn't that cool! he was all over that tree