20 July 2009


Here's a quick run-down of my experience with the land of 10,000 lakes:
  • It is not a bad drive at all to the Twin Cities. I made it in just over 3.5 on the way home and that is driving the speed limit!
  • The monstrous mosquitoes that I'd been warned about were not around. Maybe too early in the season. Or maybe they don't come into the city much.
  • It is amazing what a difference a change of scenery, interesting surroundings and a running partner make. I did a 6 mile run around two lakes through some really neat parts of town. My legs were pretty tired the last half-mile or so, but I made it and wasn't too sore the next day. Now, if only I could develop some consistency!
  • Good driving snacks. I took bing cherries with me for the drive up and then we went to a quality grocery store on Saturday where I was able to get some Ranier cherries and a nectarine for my Sunday drive home. The Rainer's were great; not as tart as I'd like but still delic.
  • Early morning drives are so good. I found myself up early on Sunday, so I decided to get on the road and I made it back to Des Moines before 10!
  • We went to the Basilica of St. Mary's for mass on Saturday. What a nice church! And they had a lot of stuff going on for their parishoners. Cool place.
  • Lots of laughs and a year's worth of catching up. Thanks for the great hospitality Shannon!


  1. Two other items:
    Kids Clif bars are great, maybe even better than the ones for adults.

    I was super jealous that my MN friend got to hear a speaker from To Write Love On Her Arms after I left on Sunday. It's an organization I strongly support and I hope it was great!

  2. Great run, well done you!

    if rainer are the red/yellow cherries i have to say i'd rate them below par -- on flavor intensity i think.... perhaps i'd better sample this season's just to be sure

    i like early morning, and late night drives -- mid-day and mid-afternoon are recipes for sleep, not efficiency.

  3. I love the Twin Cities! Lived there for a summer and had a great time. For your next visit...
    1) Get to Chino Latino in Uptown. One of the best restaurants I've ever been too, SUPER fun atmosphere and really close to an amazing Urban Outfitters.
    2) Go to Gasthof Zur Gemutlichkeit in northern Minneapolis. It's a German bar and I've never had more fun anywhere, they play polka until midnight then drop the rap until 2am.
    3) Get to the sculpture garden. Spoon and Cherry is one of my favorite sculptures, my parents and I went on my birthday and had a great time

  4. Your next trip up I will have to make good on my promise of good music and women! Thanks for making the journey---s.
    p.s. I could've used you on the 7 miler yesterday----it was a killer!

  5. i did see the spoon and cherry. wasn't sure what to make of it. sculpture isn't my fave form of art.

    we did go to uptown and i thought it looked like a great area. we ate at a great breakfast spot (can't remember the name).

    that german bar sounds epic. next time!

    s - i thought you were joking about doing 7 on sunday! no way was i up for that. i prolly won't run again for a week. that's my regular running pattern. :)