24 July 2009

Lance & the Tour

There's been a lot going on at the Tour de France this year. I just thought I'd lump several of those things together into one post.
  • With only a few stages left before the big finish in Paris on Sunday, Lance is sitting in third about 5 minutes off the lead. His teammate is in first so the odds of him taking the lead are very slim. Regardless, after four of 'retirement' a podium finish would be pretty impressive. And he's had a few stages that really surprised some people.
  • The Chalkbot is the coolest marketing idea I've seen in a while. Firstly because I love that type of guerilla-style street-level advertising. Secondly because of the connection to the fans. You can text in your message and the chalkbot may paint it on some stretch of road and then sends you a picture and the geolocation of it.
  • Lance is going to start his own racing team next season and will be sponsored by Radio Shack.
  • I was just thinking a little about how one man has made global awareness for cancer research a household thing. The success of LIVESTRONG is truly amazing.
  • ESPN will run all the "It's About You" videos back to back tomorrow at 10 CST.


  1. cool, I almost bought a Livestrong shirt in Chicago but was too thin, saw one this week at Dick's that was great, just thought I would wait till the Ride was over then check out merchandise one more time. I love the whole feel of Livestrong message, love the website, totally inspiring.

  2. Chalkbot = Awesome! I love technology