27 July 2009

HMN '09

The sixth annual Happy Meat Night took place last Saturday and was a great time. The best weather imaginable made for a great evening to sit outside and enjoy the finest meat dishes. The lineup was a mix of past HMN classics (crab legs, cocktail shrimp, bacon-wrapped scallops, pork chops, steaks) and some fresh dishes (swordfish, tuna steaks, fried stuffed pork loin, habanero jerky, bison sausage, lamb kidneys). In a repeat of last year, Tim had to put down a massive cicada killer hornet. This year he didn't even mess with the spray and just used his sandal. Bags again were played almost non-stop all night. There is also talk of drawing up a formal bracket next year and drawing partners for a little tournament. This year trophies were added. First for the winner of the pre-HMN golf outing and the second for Best of Show for the best dish. Pix, and a video, are over at flickr for those interested. If this year does end up being the final year to hold it at E&K's, it will be a big change, but all good things must evolve. Wherever it is held, the best part (even better than the smoked pork loin that got my vote for best of show) is having all the siblings of two great families getting together to talk, laugh and spend a great time together. Thanks to all involved parties.


  1. Love the pics of everyone. Another great memory for all. :)

  2. I love the concept! A great night with food, drink, games and time to enjoy some laughs. And ya'll have t-shirts, super cool!!

  3. Great times. Good people. What were the final stats? 20+ entries, 54 lbs of meat?