14 July 2009

Chicago Trip #2

A good friend's wedding brought me out to Chicago for the second time this summer last weekend and homebase came along as we turned it into a mini-vacation. That's also my excuse for not blogging for so long. On Thursday Mat Kearney was at Nightfall on the River and his opener, Erin McCarley. Both put on great shows and provided some humorous banter in between songs. I only knew two songs of Mat's before hand, but at $12, I'd be a fool not to go down and enjoy a show with some friends at such a fun venue. Check out what Mat thought of Des Moines here and watch a good video of him here. Friday, homebase came up and we went over to Iowa City. I triumphed over my first shopping temptation of the weekend. I really wanted a lumbar pack there, but, rightly decided that I did not need it....at this time. Saturday morning found us on the road early and getting into the downtown with some time to hit some shops and score some good bargains at the Gap before heading to Quartino's for a delicious lunch. That place has become my favorite downtown lunch eatery. We spent the afternoon shopping the Long Grove area (mostly in Paddy's) before checking in to our hotel. I got cleaned up and headed to the wedding (reception actually since I skipped the actual ceremony, sorry Adriana!) It was a very nice event and a fun time catching up with Chicago friends. Sunday we went to the Botanical Gardens and did some shopping and I was lucky enough to spot a Potbelly's while we were driving around. I had forgotten how good their meatball sub with extra giardiniera is! We finished off the trip with a wonderful performance at Ravinia of the Chicago Symphony playing selections from Tchaikovsky and culminated with cannons during the 1812 Overture. (video is not of the performance we were at...ours was better). It was pretty awesome.
But, it's nice to be back in town and try to be productive...til next weekend!


  1. I LOVE Potbelly's!!!! oh so good

  2. i bought a jar of their peppers to bring back to iowa with me.

  3. Lumbar pack ... don't kid yourself you know what you want to call it