02 July 2009

Chicago & 5k

I haven't blogged much lately about what I've been up to. I was in Chicago for three days for that Global Economy conference which was GREAT. If you are really interested in that, you can check out all of their powerpoints. They had some great speakers and they all looked at different aspects of our global economy and also gave in-depth looks at different geographic areas. I took away a lot of information and some things that I am hoping to incorporate into my curriculum this fall. One fun site I learned about was this database of government subsidy payments. You can search by state, county, type of subsidy (corn/soy/CRP), zip code, last name. Very fun stalking of neighbors! :)
I got to check out a few of the bookstores and restaurants in the Hyde Park area but my time there really flew. I did find time to get downtown and pick a new pair of adidas, which I will share pix of soon. One surprise was that there was no air conditioning in my room. They put me up in a dorm-style room in the same building where the conference was and 95 degrees with high humidity made for tough sleeping. There are few feelings I hate more than waking up sweaty, especially at 6 AM. So I figured since I was up and sweating, I might as well go for a run along the lake which was very nice. I was amazed at how many people were out and active at 6:30!
Even though I'm a little spoiled by usually flying when I go out there, the drive wasn't too bad. I had two audiobooks that made the drive go by quickly, "I Am American, and So Can You" by Stephen Colbert and "Father Joe" by Tony Hendra. I was a little disappointed with the Colbert book. Not sure if it just didn't translate to the audio format very well or what but it wasn't as funny as his show.
And later that week I went out to Omaha for a 5k with stoppable. It was put on by the Siena Francis House and the route was around Lake Zarinsky. Now, the last (and only other) time I ran a 5k was also with stoppable and it was in 1994 or 1995. I was a senior (I think) in high school and stoppable was a student at Creighton. I won't go into details but that 5k was not a pleasant experience. There were a couple walking breaks and it was a lot of work. As stoppable pointed out last weekend though, "I think I trained for it by going to a keggar til 3 the night before" so our approach to this one was a bit more restrained and sensible. And the difference was significant. We clocked our run in right around 27 minutes, so a 9 minute mile pace. Not blistering but there was no walking and we felt great afterwards. So great that, subsequently, there has been some talk of a 10k this fall. We'll have to see. I think I might be up for it!

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  1. july 2 ! wow it's been while since i stopped by -- the 5k was great fun, thanks for coming out