20 July 2009

Celtic Away Kit Announced

I mentioned the away kit for international games a couple of months ago and thought it (especially the shorts) was fairly daring (or questionable.) Today the away kit for regular games was revealed. They are going back to a 'bumble bee' look that they used in the mid-90's. That eye-popping yellow has been popular lately with Chelsea and Barca both featuring it in their away jerseys. I liked the away look for the last few years, but this new one is a neat looking jersey. I do agree that with 10 of them running around on a field, it may look a lot like a swarm of bees.
The new season begins on the 29th, with a trip to Russia to play Dinamo Moscow in the third qualifying round of the Champions League. Could be tricky since Russia's league is on a different schedule and already halfway into their season while the Scottish league hasn't even started yet.


  1. I like the green and white stripe. Isn't that the same team.??

  2. it is the same team.
    the green and white "hoops" jersey is their home jersey and never has any drastic changes. the away jersey changes style and color often.

  3. i can't figure teams that change their colors so drastically -- too alien to me.

  4. i know..it IS quite different from here. The logo and the home jersey colors stay the same. but the style and the away jersey colors vary quite a bit from year to year.