07 July 2009

3 More Stripes!

These are the new ones I picked while I was in Chicago a few weeks ago. SO comfy. Those SL72's that I bought may look great, but they are not a very comfy shoe. I had a good discussion with the manager guy at the adidas Originals store about it actually. This guy is always working when I go in there. He's got a great attitude, loves his job and is super friendly. He loves talking about product and as they say, "game recognize game" so we both enjoy talking shoes with another adi-phile. The tongue on the SL72 is the main hang-up. It is too short and too tough, cutting into your foot. These Country's have a longer, padded tongue and also have a more cushioned sole. I wore them for the last day of summer school and the kids gave them the thumbs up.


  1. Can't go wrong with red stripes. Lookin good.

  2. i like the detail on the tongue -- very insightful on it's impact to comfort