21 June 2009

Wing Adventure

A couple days ago, when it was like 90 and oppressively humid, I scratched my plans to cook dinner and caboose and I decided we both felt like going somewhere with a great salad bar. I was searching my memory banks and couldn't come up with much other than Spaghetti Works or Gateway Market. So caboose consulted the all-knowing internet and came up with two suggestions, Jason's Deli or the Chicago Speakeasy. While I've driven by the Speakeasy lots of times and wondered what it was like, we decided to stick with a known entity this time. We both got the all-you-can-eat salad bar and it was wonderful, exactly what we were hoping for. A small matter of over-eating aside, it was a great night.
So last night we decided we had a craving for wings, but I was not interested to Buffalo Wild Wings again. Their food is good but not great. Their sauces are tasty but the quality of their meat is not impressive. So again, we sought out the advice of the www. According to a couple sites we found, Gerri's Tavern had some of the best wings in the city and since it is on the east side, I was excited for a little adventure. So we hopped in the car the pointed our compass toward the east side, land of the Scarlets, AE, and the State Fair. We got the added bonus of being a small side diversion on the way there to drive by a building fire that was a raging inferno. Pretty impressive. After driving around the Fairgrounds area a little, we located our destination. It wasn't too seedy, just simple and unassuming. Reminded me a little of the Farragut Tavern actually. Their was quite a few people by the three pool tables, the type of crowd that brings their own cue. So we knew better than to try and play. :) The bartender came over to take our order and when I said we wanted wings and wondered how they came he said, "either 10 wings or 5 pounds." caboose and I looked at each other, sizing up our ability to attack 5 pounds of wings and decided to go for it. After all, that was what we had came for. So the 5 pounds of wing special comes with a pitcher of beer so we got started on that as we waited for our wings. There is only one level of heat to choose from and it is just right. Hot enough to give you a bit of kick, but not hot enough to deter anyone from eating them. When the wings came it was a pretty big mountain of meat, but not anything that looked impossible. Steadily we worked our way into the job at hand. We were slowing down a bit when the guy came by again to tell us a tale of one bar patron who had been challenged by his buddies to polish the whole special (wings, celery, pitcher) off by himself in under an hour. He triumphed in 47 minutes and then instead of going home to vomit or lay on the sofa, proceeded to hang out and party at the bar the rest of the night. We were searching for our second wind, pushing ourselves, but when finally threw in the towel/napkin with only 6 wings left. They were very tasty wings and we decided that the special would be perfect for three people. So I highly recommend the place. We'll see where our next food adventure takes us.


  1. sounds yummy, wings in summer--can't be beat. Should be a song!

  2. I felt ill after that. But yes- great wings.

  3. ahhh wings.. if I remember correctly there are a few wing specials I would hit up.. if you don't mind putting up with all the jocks, 3rd Base had an all you can eat special for ...hmmm $3.99 with $2 tall boys.. something like that on Thursdays??
    My favorite was Sundays.. in urbandale there was a place that had a pitcher of wings with fries for cheap.. details escape me but soo yummy.
    Whoa, Welchans' 5 pounds! I bet some brothers had belly aches after that.

  4. Wings are a tasty delight. The Chicken Coop over on EP true/grand was decent the last time I was there.

  5. stoppable- i know!!! it was heartbreaking (but also belly breaking) to stop so close to sealing the deal, but i had to.
    jamfla- i have heard good things about those wings...never been there, will put it on the list.
    galfunskr- $4 for all you can eat wings?!?!?! if that is true, it might be just enough to make me brave going to 3rd base.

  6. 6 wings WAS nearly tear inducing. But I was seriously worried about throwing all the wings back up onto the table. And the crowd there looked like they didn't take kindly to folk like that in their establishment.