16 June 2009

What's Good?

Just a few snippets of what's been good with me lately. There's pictures of some of these in flickr...
  • Carbon Leaf at the Mews. Even thought I haven't heard anything off their new CD, it was a fun show (albeit a bit overpriced at $20).
  • Penguins of Mass Destruction. We've been heating up on the sand volleyball court lately. Our season started with a loss but I think we've been on the positive side of the scoresheet each week since then. Although last week was a victory by forfeit, we still had a good time playing some 3-on-3.
  • Summer school. I think people, when they asked what I had planned for summer, were surprised to hear me say I was excited to be teaching summer school. I'm teaching a very simple and straight-forward required computer/keyboarding class for incoming freshmen at a local private school. Seeing how they do things, meeting some new people, extending my network, and making a little money were all things that I was looking forward to. It has really lived up to my expectations. I've met some nice people and the teaching has been easy and fun.
  • Bowling! I hadn't been since last summer and I've never played four games in one night before. A fun outing away from the sand for the Penguins. The lights, music, strike dances and fun people made it a great time. Plus I broke 100 in three of the four games (which is my mediocre guideline for if I've had a decent game or not).
  • Tennis! Even though I squandered a 4-1 lead, it was very nice to enjoy a gorgeous day, play an actual set, catch up with a friend and engage in a little friendly competition. Looking forward to the rematch.
  • Colbie Caillat @ Simon Estes amphitheater. I was already looking forward to this show because it is such a fun venue in the summer, right down by the river, city skyline as a backdrop, sitting on blankets. Then to put icing on the cake, caboose's contact came through with complimentary tickets! Needless to say that made my day. The show was great. My top three songs were "Lucky", "Where Were You" (cover of the Fray), and a song off her upcoming CD something like "Go On".
  • College World Series. Although the action on the diamond wasn't thrilling (Southern Miss was hammered by N. Carolina), the action in the bleachers was great. stoppable brought all three kids and met homebase and I there. The kids held up great despite wilting heat. Definitely a fun time.
  • Crafting the packaging for my summer mixtape. I was looking for something different and came across this brown lunch bag idea on the internet. I coupled that with a little spray paint stencil for a fun & unique case. Now if only my cd drive would stop causing me headaches!
  • Getting to see my good friends' new baby. Oliver is super cute and, although I passed up on my first chance to hold him (he was only a day old!), I was happy to get some time holding him last week after he had aged a week. And, bonus, he didn't cry on me! Actually he barely even woke up so I was pretty safe. Congrats to Haley & Matt.
  • [edit] How could I forget the classic Game 7 win by the Pittsburgh Penguins to secure the Stanley Cup!?!


  1. fun day at the CWS with everyone. Ahh.. Rosenblatt! Love the memories. My summer school is so much better this year too, first grade, fun kids, fun curriculum. My best summer food so far, homemade peach pie with the best fresh peaches. Just a 7 inch pie. Gave it away but I tasted the filling and it was one of my best.

  2. What a fun summer!! I sure had a blast with ya Friday night. Can't wait for my summer mix to arrive via snail mail, YAY!!

  3. First of all, Mixtape is FAB! Love the "Starry Eyed" tune.

    Second, way to focus on "What's Good" we overlook that waaaay to often!

  4. gave away a peach pie?

    perish the thought!