14 June 2009


Man, I have been slacking big time with my posting. I can offer a few reasons/exchanges: I've been busy with summer school in the mornings and various other stuff in the afternoons, my laptop was in the shop to get a new CD drive installed :(, and I haven't really been doing much that was interesting enough to write about.
A quick update on the week experiment:
  • I made it to morning mass everyday and loved it. The masses are only 30 minutes and I honestly believe priests give better homilies in that type of situation. It's been a nice way to start my days.
  • I also did great on my 'no TV' effort. I only cheated once and watched an episode of Colbert Report on my laptop. And to tell the truth, I didn't miss the TV at all. The only time that was a little tricky and took a little getting used to was during meals. I'm so used to making food and then sitting down and eating in front of the TV. But I got a lot of reading done instead of watching TV so that's been great.
  • Regarding, the daily exercise I only give myself a C. I didn't get anything much done on Monday or Friday, so I'll have to keep working on that one.
  • And sadly, the most extrinsic and fun one, the random act of kindness, I failed miserably at. This will have to be an on-going work of improvement.


  1. Glad to hear your experiment went well! I've been thinking for a while now about attending mass Friday mornings since I have Fridays off! I agree that it would be a great way to start the day. You might have just given me that little extra inspiration I needed!

  2. i think you might be overlooking your random acts...

    - from not being there i can't attest to summer school - but i'm willing to bet there's an incoming frosh who's thankful you led the class instead of the usual fare

    - PMD - again i'd be surprised if a teammate or fellow bowler didn't appreciate your standard gracious manner in competing and accommodating all skill levels

    - CWS - great to come out, good times. and I know the kids appreciated the camaraderie and the peanuts! check NTW w/you -- definitely feeling like one of the boys. now that's kindness. :)