30 June 2009

Sorta Project

I love creative, edgy, gritty art with street-level expression. Unfortunately I am not blessed with the patience to envision, devise and create something really insightful or beautiful. This project is a great example of that. I started with a sheet of shower laminate/white board (pic 1). I had the idea to use a big tree as a background onto which I would write favorite lines and lyrics from songs. So I laid down some sky and a horizon line (pic 2). I was very happy with the sky and very sad about the ground. Then I drew a tree and root system with a pencil and taped off the tree (pic 3). Spray painting the tree and hitting it with a black paint marker outline left me with something that, while it wouldn't stop anyone in their tracks, wasn't too bad (pic 4). At least you could recognize what it was. I started putting on the lyrics and about halfway done it looked pretty decent. But then my Achilles's heel popped up and I fell victim to rushing through it like I always do and eventually mucking it up (no pic). So then I decided to just scrap it and do so random painting and patterns on it and using it as a backdrop while spray painting some other things. I also did some writing/tagging on it and eventually I ended up with something that I actually like (pic 5).


  1. i like the salvage portion -- you weren't happy w/where you ended, but instead of scrapping it, you found a new outlet

  2. I really like the end product.

    Ha- you and mom both get antsy about halfway through a project.

  3. I dig. Love the "Love", teach me your spray paint ways.

  4. I agree! you could've just scrapped it...but you didn't. I am a firm believer of keeping everything and coming back to it later. Rather that be to finish it up with the original idea or a whole new direction.

    That is the beauty of art.

    I think the end result, no matter how it came about, is fantastic. The tree shows through a lil too. (I do love trees I can't stop painting them either)
    Keep it up!