14 June 2009

Photo Tag Chain...

A friend of mine tagged me in this photo chain activity and since I haven't had much blogging going on lately, this is just what I needed, a little writing prompt. You're supposed to go to your photo folder, open the 4th folder and then select the 4th picture, share it and explain it. Since I don't use folders to organize my photos, this didn't quite work for me. I just leave all my photos in one folder arranged chronologically. So, instead I went to my flickr page and went to my sets page and just picked the fourth one and used the fourth picture in that.
This picture is from GDP, which for those non-local readers, is a music event celebrating and spotlighting local bands. caboose, although he doesn't appear in this picture, plays guitar with Cashes Rivers and this was their final song at that show. They invited people on stage with them to sing and clap along. Cashes Rivers' sister appears to the left and local music aficionado Dan Bosman (founder & host of Scented Vinyl) is seen left-center. It was a fun night and a good performance.


  1. I'm in the photo, ScandalosO!
    Cashes Rivers RULZ!!

  2. i think i love the contrast and the lighting in the picture the most. there's no blurryness, there's very little background lit up. the lighting is great on the performers. i was very happy at this concert when i got the settings right to snap these. not too shabby.