08 June 2009

One Week Experiment

Now that school's out and summer is officially here (contrary to what the almanac says, summer starts on the last day of school), I came up with a little plan to try and make sure I use my free time as best as possible. So, for one week (actually just Monday thru Friday) I am going to attempt to fulfill the following:
  • attend daily mass each day. This is actually very convenient since they have a mass at 7:30 each morning at the parish where I'm teaching summer school, which starts at 8:30. I went this morning and loved it; good priest, great short homily.
  • watch zero meaningless TV. I'm leaving myself a small loophole here in case I want to watch the NBA Finals or a Stanley Cup match. Otherwise, no more time wasted watching all that mindless crap.
  • commit a random act of kindness each day. This can be a compliment to a stranger or any sort of random goodwill. Only fair on this one so far, I replied to a handful of people that I had been procrastinating on, but maybe I can drop someone a good compliment before I leave the coffeeshop.
  • engage in some sort of exercise each day. Besides doing my armstrong workout (which I'm loving!), I haven't filled this one today, but I can still go for a good walk when I get home.
Stay tuned to hear how I fair for the rest of the week!


  1. Great goals, I am doing the no TV for this week too, not much time with summer school, walking, mowing, gardening and several projects stacked up to try, but.... today I read right after school and mowing- for 5 1/2 hours straight. Finished a book, a mystery that was good. Love the daily mass, and a good priest? now that is the daily double!!

  2. I commend you for trying out such an experiment! Good luck!

  3. great outline -- looking forward to the update