02 June 2009

Maldini, Figo, Nedved

I thought this post from Soccer Blog gave a nice brief tribute to these three legendary stars, all retiring this year. Even though none of the three are among my favorite players (Zidane), I still must 'tip the hat' to these Italian, Portugese and Czech captians. I've only been a fan long enough to appreciate the last half of their careers but I can still remember first learning who all the stars were (by playing FIFA on playstation). One of my soccer-playing friends had a poster of him on the wall and Maldini was always a lock to get a spot in my defense. The guy's played 900 games over 25 years and the best part, it was all for the same club. Figo I've never actually cared for. Mainly because I didn't like his look or his style and I don't like players that switch teams between arch-rivals. You've gotta have some respect for the club! Nedved is probably my favorite of the three. I remember watching him when Juventus was in the Champions League and he was a beast in the midfield.

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