28 June 2009


Every year there are two things that I talk a lot about doing and then end up not doing. RAGBRAI and Lollapalooza. I would really love to cross one of those off my list this year. I really thought it was going to be RAGBRAI but as my summer calendar has filled up I've gone from thinking I'd do the whole thing, to the first half, to a couple days, to now I'll be surprised if I actually do any.
Lollapalooza put single-day tickets on sale last week. $80 to a pile of great days at a great venue (Grant Park) in a great city (Chicago). So this is me soliciting anyone who is up for a road trip. I've checked out the band lineups and I could be talked into going any of the three days. I think the middle day is the weakest but it has the best headliner (Beastie Boys) so I'm up for anything! I'll even drive, order tickets, be tour guide and arrange accomidations. Any takers?


  1. In my modest opinion Friday is your best bet. You get Ben Folds, The Decemberists, Kings of Leon, KiD CuDi, The Knux, Peter Bjorn & John and Of Montreal. I've heard decent stuff from Depeche Mode lately too. Saturday does boast TV on the Radio, Ben Harper and Lykki Li though. Downside to attending Lolla .... You will miss the best birthday party you've ever been invited too ... I'm just sayin'

  2. My take on festivals is go for the big acts, the ones that you don't get a chance to see. The smaller acts are way better at your hometown venue. Plus they tour often so you will have a chance to catch em later.
    Beastie Boys I would LOVE to see.
    Dang it! If this was the weekend before or after I would hop a plane, I too have a list and going to a big outdoor festival is one that needs to be crossed off before I'm 30.

  3. do you plan on stopping at the HP exhibit? :)