01 June 2009

"It's OK to Say Real Things"

I came across this blog post and liked a couple of the points that it makes. Plus it's got a quote from John Mayer, so I figured it would guarantee a comment from caboose. I only partially agree with his quote that, "Hope isn't something you create, it's something you let inside." You definitely have to make a conscience decision to let yourself hope, but I think that it is also something that is created. Maybe we don't create it for ourselves, but we can (and should) create it for others. I can think of many people and things that have created hope within me. [finding those students who are hard working, respectful and fun, discovering there are other people over 30 who are single, Obama, hearing about people who've taught for 25+ years].
The focus of the post is where he talks about,"The power of words and importance of moments." A great line and I wholeheartedly agree and appreciate when public figures use the opportunities afforded them to do something good and worthwhile. I really can't stand it when people bash on celebs for constantly soap boxing about their cause, Bono being the most common target. There's so much mindless press out there ("oh look, Matt Damon shops at Whole Foods just like me!") that when a public personality decides that if they are going to have constant media attention, maybe they can share something of value that they are working to help, I find it a breathe of fresh air.
But the best part is realizing, as the last paragraph of the post talks about, that is doesn't have to be just celebrities and well-known people. Every one of us influences people everyday. We have to choose to make that interaction count.

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  1. I guess no one had anything "real" to say here---ha ha. I, of course, and have posted 3 or 4 times--love Bono. He loves his family, does many things for charities and the world, but best of all, gets others to do the same.