06 June 2009

European Goal of the Year

The Guardian paper has chosen ten goals to be voted on for the best goal scored in the past season. I watched all of them, several times and I think my vote is going to have to be for Dembélé for the Dutch team AZ Alkmaar. Grafite is a very close second. Check out Mareval if you want to see a thunderbolt of a shot. Eduardo and Ibrahimavic both have incredible goals but while their ability to volley a ball at incredible angles is awesome, I tend to favor a longer display of skills, hence my vote for Dembélé and Grafite. That being said, Fernando Torres' trap & shoot on the turn is a beautiful strike. Check it out here since the link on the top 10 page didn't seem to have the video.

1 comment:

  1. This is very hard, some are great because of strength, others fantastic skills, still others the teamwork was what won the goal, That said here is my vote. No. 3 clip,, Grafite, is so wonderful with that back heel, I just thought it was the best skilled score. But No. 8 was almost my top pick, I love Dembele's footwork around the defenders. I want to put Eduardo in third place as that was probably the best video of all, great team work, then one guy rescues the ball from going out, lots of passes then Eduardo has a side kick for the goal. Yoann's goal was good, great switch there,twists around facing the other way, whatever that is called. I didn't think Torres goal looked that super, but the chanting crowd was fun. Mascara's goal seemed like great placement but lots of more impressive foot skills by others had to come before him. Great fun to watch, can I go to a game now?? :)