17 June 2009

Darth Shelltoes

I got a little notice via facebook today accompanying this picture, "New line of adidas Originals coming in 2010." That's all I've heard so far. But a quick Google news search revealed this press release on starwars.com. Can't wait!


  1. I like nike as you know, but I want a storm trooper shoe too!!

  2. "Fear will keep the rebels in line... fear of these sneakers."

  3. hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for adidas on your feet.

  4. how long have you had these adidas?

    'uh just a few seasons.'

    "they're not for sale if you want them"

    "these aren't the sneakers you're looking for"

    ..these aren't the sneakers we're looking for..

    "he can go about his business"

    ..you can go about your business"

    "move along"

    ..move along..