06 June 2009

Cashes Rivers & Envy Corps

Thursday I went to the early show at the Vaudeville Mews and caught Cashes Rivers opening up for the Envy Corps. Being able to go to a show that starts at 6:30 and is done before closing time is a nice change! Cashes Rivers did a great job and caboose played drums on the opening number and provided added his melodic solos and swells to the closing song "Atoms". I took video of both of those songs but the audio isn't the greatest since I was directly in front of a speaker. Cashes also played with the Envy Corps on their first song. I am a fan of the Envy Corps' music but seeing them live always seems to turn me off a bit. I will say that I enjoyed this show the most of any of the times I've seen them. They pulled to kids (it was an all-ages show) on stage and gave them guitars to play along with them for a song, so that was cool and fun. Overall, a very fun show and once my CD drive gets fixed, I'll be adding their new EP "Kid Gloves" to my library.

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  1. That was nice to see, like I was there watching him play the drums-- :)