03 June 2009

Barca Gladiators

Saw this on Soccer Blog and since I my hair was standing up by the end of watching it, I thought I'd better pass it on. The Barcelona coach (also a former Barca star) put it together with a TV connection friend. It includes highlights from all players taking the field that day and mixes it with Gladiator and images of Rome. Keep in mind the final they were playing against Manchester United was taking place in Rome at the Stadio Olimpico. Watch the video.
'We are the centre of the pitch,
we are precise,
we are our effort,
we are attackers who defend,
we are defenders who attack,
we are respected by our rivals,
we are recognised by our rivals,
we are every goal that we score,
we are those who always look for our opponent's goal,


  1. Well, how cool was that, loved the music and Luciano even sang at the end!! Quite stirring.

  2. yes, the end with thierry henry coming out the tunnel and the shadow falling back off his face, along with the gladiators entering the arena was GREAT.

  3. that was pretty ballin...