17 May 2009

We are ND

After all the media-hyping the situation up, I watched President Obama's speech today and enjoyed it. He had some good humor at the beginning, and solid message and called attention and giving praise to Fr. Hesburgh and Cardinal Bernardin. And I also enjoyed Fr. Jenkins' introduction, which I thought (and Obama agreed) was well-made and well-delivered. I especially liked the student body chanting the motto often heard at sporting events but taking on a new light in this situation, "We are ND," to hush up a couple of protestors. Check out the transcript here and the video here. The following are a few of my favorite parts:

"And this doubt should not push us away our faith. But it should humble us. It should temper our passions, cause us to be wary of too much self-righteousness. It should compel us to remain open and curious and eager to continue the spiritual and moral debate that began for so many of you within the walls of Notre Dame."

"For if there is one law that we can be most certain of, it is the law that binds people of all faiths and no faith together. It's no coincidence that it exists in Christianity and Judaism; in Islam and Hinduism; in Buddhism and humanism. It is, of course, the Golden Rule -- the call to treat one another as we wish to be treated. The call to love. The call to serve. To do what we can to make a difference in the lives of those with whom we share the same brief moment on this Earth."

"Because when you serve, it doesn't just improve your community, it makes you a part of your community. It breaks down walls. It fosters cooperation. And when that happens -- when people set aside their differences, even for a moment, to work in common effort toward a common goal; when they struggle together, and sacrifice together, and learn from one another -- then all things are possible."


  1. good it all came off so well, both sides did a good job of being polite, respectful and gracious.

  2. I loved the "golden rule" quote. So true! Regardless of what you believe, how you were raised - that short bit of common sense should be enough for people to stop being so horrible to each other.

  3. wow. great speech

    i read the transcript yesterday (no video at work) and watched it today.

    I agree the 'we are ND' was very moving.

    I wonder how controversial this would have been without the flames being fanned by the media? did anyone see any coverage of the PROLIFE protest at the grotto? Individuals engaged in silent or quiet prayer, respectful of others but resolute in their beliefs?

    me neither. i did see plenty of shouters and fringe elements headed off to jail though...

  4. those protesters weren't even from ND.

  5. Alan Keyes......really? Just go away!