05 May 2009

TOMS shoes

I was watching Dancing With the Stars last night (never thought I'd start a blog post with that) and a commercial caught my ear. It was a guy saying he was the "chief shoe giver" for a company called TOMS. For every pair of shoes they sell, another pair is delivered to a child in need. My curiosity was piqued and I went and checked out their website and the guy's blog. Not only is it a great humanitarian effort but their shoes are very uniquely designed. Now, anyone who knows me is aware that I had put nothing but adidas shoes on my feet (except for a few weddings and formals) for the past decade or so, but I am seriously thinking about getting a pair of these TOMS for the summer. They look super comfy and casual. So, readers, sound off and give me a YEA or NAY and which pair is better. Charcoal Canvas Stitchout. Tan Canvas Stitchout.


  1. I'm favoring the charcoal... won't get as dirty and because my fave color is black. I have seen this commercial a few times and the only thing I take note is all the cool bracelets he has on... I wonder "do they all mean something, he seems like the guy that would do that" Super awesome, way to support the kids.

  2. 1. tan for shorts weather
    2. consider the burlap?
    3. love the company and the idea