19 May 2009

Shawn Reigns Again

Although I was a little apprehensive about the results, Shawn Johnson won the mirrored ball trophy tonight as the champion of Dancing with the Stars. After all the judges scoring, Shawn was tied with Gilles so it pretty much came down to the popular vote. And according to the show, the votes for the two contestants were within 1% of each other. I am happy to say that I may have put her over the top with the 5 votes that I cast last night.
I have to say that even though I don't usually like this kind of a show, and they stretch out the episodes with a ton of filler, I loved watched her dance each week and I think she's represented Iowa well. Be sure to check out Good Morning America tomorrow morning (or YouTube it). I'll add some pictures and video tomorrow...until then, enjoy this video of their KILLER freestyle. I also wanted to add that I think he partner, Mark Ballas, seems like a good guy, fun and did a good job of toeing the 'age-appropriate' line that the network wanted. I also thought this article from the Des Moines Register was fun. It's nice to think her coach and all those little girls who trained at her gym getting to see her succeed in a fun new area!


  1. wow -- talk about athletic!

    of course i usually do some similar moves at family wedding receptions. :)

  2. funny...I really thought the other guy would win, people today were talking about that she said she is moving to California? I know you would be disappointed to hear that.