28 May 2009

Prittey's Video

After seeing how many fun pictures we had of Prittey between homebase and I, we thought it would be fun to put together a photo slide show of her. I used Photo Story, which is just a super basic free photo show program from Microsoft, and came up with something decent. I put it up on YouTube but they disabled the audio do to their copyright laws regarding the music I put with it and it isn't nearly as fun without the music so I took it back down. If you want to see it you have to download a version that you can play on you iPod at this website (for the next 90 days).


  1. I loved, just loved the slideshow. Wonderful music and such fun to see all the kids over the years. thanks for doing that. It is very sweet, I love Prittey!!

  2. thanks for this. :)

    i cried.

  3. the shot with prittey in your pocket is a strong one.

    there's too many great shots. i'm not a great photographer but she's been a part of so many family occasions.