10 May 2009

Pie #1

First off, a Happy Mothers Day to homebase! This post goes out to you!
I decided to attempt my first pie EVER last night and it would not have been possible (or at least not nearly as tasty) without her help. She gave me the recipe over the phone and also told me how to make her pie crust from the recipe that she has used since seventh grade home ec class!
It was fun to make something new, different and challenging. Despite getting a late start on it (the pie didn't come out of the oven til just past midnight), it was a good experience. Thanks mom!


  1. Thank you very much, your first pie would take first place at any fair--wow, my first sure didn't look like that. Your really had a full puffy look to the top crust. Mighty impressive. :) save the picture for the family cookbook- and Strawberry Rhubarb fresh from the Farmer's market, just like Jaime Oliver. :)

  2. That pie tasted great. I ate lots of it.

  3. wow!

    that's a GREAT looking pie - let alone for the first go-round.