26 May 2009

Memorial Day Fun

In addition to the great bike ride I shared about, the Memorial weekend was a ton of fun. We had a wonderful outing at the Nebraska City park and there are some great pictures documenting it all. So instead of trying and failing to do it justice with my heavy-handed words, just head over to my flickr and peruse the whole set. Thanks everyone for a great time, great fun...and good exercise!


  1. The photos are great! you def have an eye... Pretty sweet SWING shots. Looks like ya'll enjoyed a wonderful day at the park.

  2. Thanks for taking the pictures, I love looking at them. We all had a great day, and nobody got hurt, amazing with all that sailing out of the swings. Poor em and her side got the worst of it I think. I just love a good picnic as you all know, I started taking you kids on picnics when you were 3 or 4, took everything in a paper bag then!! p and b sandwiches, drinks, snacks. Usually took the wagon, down to Coralville park, or if really adventuresome---in the car to City park with the firetruck. :) Still lovin those picnics---:)