13 May 2009

Lance's Bike

Lance is riding the Giro d'Italia currently (for the first time). He's recovering from a broken collarbone and is riding with the Astana team which is having some financial concerns. I was poking around on Shepard Fairey's website (the guy who came up with the iconic Obama poster) tonight and saw that he had come up with the custom paint detail on Lance's Trek Madone. Check out the pictures here and here. The bike is crazy awesome and the helmet is even better!


  1. whoa, that is one sweet bike. Looks like it has been tatooed. I love it. Always liked the Livestrong line. Go Lance.

  2. That. Is. Awesome. I freakin love the helmet, but the fleur de lis things on the wheels are sweet too...

    That's cool that he let SF do that - I feel bad for that guy.

  3. unfortunate competitor:


  4. lol...awkward to find yourself in that position in front of a crowd of fans. :)