20 May 2009

Bad Powerpoints

Halfway through our powerpoint unit in my freshmen tech class and I am seeing some ghastly slides. I decided to back it up a little and go over what a good slide looks like. I did some web hunting (no sense in reinventing the wheel!) and found this great presentation and this article. (sidenote, I just watched Seth Godin's talk at the TED conference a week ago so it was odd to come across him again. Check out his talk on 'Tribes'.) Although I didn't end up using that "Death by Powerpoint" in my class, it is top notch and not just for those learning the program. It would be great for any person giving a presentation to review and reflect on as they put together a slide show. I ended up going with a much simpler show, only six slides long, but showed examples of how ugly some of the most common mistakes can be, like little contrast between text and background, text that is too small, pictures that are stretched to distortion, words on top of pictures, way way way too much text on a slide, not giving proper credit for pictures that aren't yours.


  1. Used PP @ a jury trial the first time (after using @ some CLE presentations). Lost. Don't blame PP, but do appreciate the lessons suggested. I have been through some snoozes. But really do appreciate good, insightful & humorous stuff. Good points (not bullet) that you've found here.