22 May 2009

An 'atomic bomb' of change?

I have to credit CNN. Their drastic and startling (and often exaggerated) headlines often make me shake my head. I feel like they are more about cheesy gossip and tabloid-type stories, but this time it did catch my eye and make me click on the story. I wanted to know what an town looked like after an A-bomb of change happens. :) "Black mayor of Mississippi brings 'atomic bomb' of change" is a good story of a man who grew up seeing Klan in his yard and civil rights workers murdered in his town. He has just been elected first black mayor of Philadelphia, MS. 'A Change is Gonna Come' indeed. Favorite quote, "The places where we were locked out, I'm gonna have the key."

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  1. i saw this too - he's definitely not afraid of coining a phrase.