02 May 2009

Angel of Harlem

"It's a cold and wet December day when we touched the ground at JFK."

I've always been a fan of the song and Rattle and Hum is one of my favorite albums, but the song came up on shuffle on my bike ride this afternoon (36 miles!) and I just really loved it. I was signing the opening...loudly and I think I may have scared a couple that I whizzed by that were hunting mushrooms in the brush. (I couldn't believe how many people were out hunting mushrooms today! I saw at least a dozen!)
That is a great opening line. Not just the words, but just how the song starts. No big intro, no build-up, just lays right into it. Give it a listen to U2 killin' it. Love it.


  1. great, even the stage is so simple--but that hat is not his best look.

  2. i have had the same experience w/u2 - a song that kind of sits at the back of the closet unnoticed until POW! it hops out again and brightens your day.