10 May 2009

3 Day Weekend!

What a difference one day can make! After getting an email a week or so ago that the last day to use your (one and only) personal day was approaching and finding out that they do not roll over, I quickly started looking for the best time to take it. I decided on Friday. So my wonderful long weekend started on Thursday night with a great night out at Sands, working the rust off of our sand volleyball skills. We are excited to debut our tshirts...they are hilariously amazing. Penguins of Mass Destruction; stay tuned for a future post sharing all the graphics. So we got four games in and they were much needed. Friday dawned and all the talk of rain was not to be worried about because it was gorgeous out. homebase came up and we went over to Pella for Tulip Time. I've never been and thought it'd be fun to check out. I took a bunch of pictures to show the variety and intense color of the varieties. We ate great food. We stocked up on pastries at Jaarsma's Bakery; Dutch letters, molasses cookies, almond sugar cookies, raspberry almond treats. We also checked out Ulrich's which is a great meat and cheese shop (great beef sticks!) It was a great time and fun to see something new, plus we didn't have to fight all the big crowds of Saturday. The rest of the day consisted of visits to the Apple store, bookstores, A-Dong, and a late night run to Target. Saturday morning we did some garage sale hunting and scored a bike that will hopefully work out for NTW. We followed that with a quick lap through the Farmers' Market. It was a great time and the weekend had just started! After homebase headed for home, caboose and I embarked on a massive cleaning session in our apartment. Ceiling to floor scrubbing of the bathroom (yuck) and a big purge & reorganize of our two big closets, which look great now! We closed the day with a late meal at Zen (tasty sushi!).


  1. You packed so much into 2 days, you can truly have a day of rest today. Nothing like Spring cleaning to spruce up your living space and simplify life. I enjoyed my time with you two--thanks for --helping me fix my new ipod and showing me some of the features I didn't even know were there--and my new case--very sweet, I really like it, thanks to both of you. and of course how to run my camera I have had 2 years now. Ha ha, a techy I am not.

  2. WOW!! Sounds like a fun and productive time. The pictures of the tulips are AMAZING! Love the white tulip pic and I really love the tulips that look like if you touch them they will hurt you. I think that is now my new favorite flower. Not sure what they are called but I am naming them prickly pear paw tulips. yep!

  3. Is that a PMD shirt at the tulip-fest?