26 April 2009

Torture Methods

I don't purport to know enough to have an educated analysis or opinion on the recent news on 'enhanced interrogation techniques' and their effectiveness. But, I do know that I enjoyed this well-written and concise article from the Op-Ed section of the NY Times, "My Tortured Decision". The author, Ali Soufan, was a FBI supervisory special agent from 1997-2005 who has first-hand knowledge of these methods, yet hasn't spoken out for the last seven years until now.


  1. thanks for posting this. i was looking forward to it after our conversation.

    even handed approach to a very hot issue. even the monikers are incendiary, 'torture methods' v. 'interrogation techniques'... i think the most salient point was that attempting a prosecution against CIA operatives would be completely wrong.

  2. you say torture, I plug my ears-- I can't stand hearing about it, thinking about it, or looking at any of those images.