13 April 2009

Naked Economics

So I just finished up "Naked Economics" and am reaffirmed in how good that book is. When I start teaching AP Macro again, I will be assigning it as summer reading. The last chapter of the book, on Developmental Economics, in particular stands out. It does such a great job of dissecting the determining factors of a nation's economy and does so without putting you to sleep. Highly recommended. No charts, no graphs, just great explanations, examples and information.


  1. I will have to read that this summer, sounds interesting.

  2. did i screw up my browser or is your post page set to display in spanish?

  3. that is,

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  4. my comment of contest is:

    i too wouldlike to read this text. the longer i consider my aspirations and hopes for a State Dept position the more i keep coming back to development and assistance roles -- so that last chapter would be especially interesting.