07 April 2009


Micheal Jordan was voted into the Hall of Fame this week (along with Vivian Stringer!). The Tribune has a nice slideshow outlining a few of his endless achievements. Having worked in a shoe store, I have always respected and been a little in awe of the mystique of Jordans (the shoe). I love looking back on the different edition each year and remember who I knew that had them, etc. There are only a few models that I actually really liked (I, IV, V, XI, XIV) but you can't front on a new pair of J's. Check out the commercial for the first edition here.

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  1. Loved the slideshow. I loved watching the Bulls when I was in Chicago visiting Kay, of course, that was on TV mind you. :) Hey, the first commercial was great, but also I watched" The Mission," the supposedly best Nike ad, with the soccer guys, it's brilliant. Check it out.