07 April 2009

An End to the Madness

North Carolina's decisive victory over the Spartans last night didn't change the standings in our little family pool, but it did give homebase the right to say she picked the champions! She had already locked up first place in the pool when the Tar Heels beat Oklahoma. Quite a performance by quite a team for sure and kudos to homebase for her faith and prognostication abilities.
1. homebase
2. middleson
3. caboose
4. stoppable
I missed not having the kids in it this year!

Past Years: 2008 (caboose), 2007 (middleson), 2006 (homebase), 2005 (middleson)


  1. How fun! a family pool. I am a fan of basketball so it has been a treat being front and center in North Carolina. IT is crazy down here.. Tar HEEL fans EVERYWHERE! The energy is amazing.

  2. I was winning for so long!!! only to have the title ripped from my grasp in the final round....

  3. caboose definitely was on fire through the first two rounds. those later rounds were trouble for all of us. i think homebase's NC pick was the only correct final four team ANY of us picked. yikes.

  4. Crazy and fun. I want more Cinderella teams, more band shots, more sports fans painted all up in the One Shining Moment. Bring on Football, I am not a summer sports fan, watching golf on TV? I WOULD rather watch paint dry.

  5. anybody see a pattern in the past and current winners?