06 April 2009

Country Music Awards

Yesterday evening, I had the American Country Music awards on as I was reading my book (which I stayed up late to finish! "Half of a Yellow Sun" It was good!). I don't watch my awards shows, other than the Oscars, but it was nice having it on in the background. It didn't seem nearly as long since I was able to mute it and read through the commercials and the parts I didn't like. The opening was a medley of several different performers and I thought it was a great way to start the show. Reba was good as the host and I thought the little story Matthew McConaughey told when he was presenting was hilarious, as was Carrie Underwood's reference to it later when she accepted her award. Taylor Swift's performance was great. Julianne Hough's acceptance was very sweet. Miley left me a little underwhelmed. Sugarland was great. I love Jennifer Nettles and would really like to see her live sometime. And I think I'm going to have to get that "In Color" song. And Trace Adkin's talking about his song "You're Gonna Miss This" was touching. This "Best & Worst of" article reminded me of a few other things that I agree with it on...Carrie Underwood's dress (way too much of a good thing), Taylor Swift mouthing along as the played Carrie's song, Taylor's dependance on the hair-whip move, and Jennifer Nettles looking smokin' hot.

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  1. The reviews for that dress were terrible. They called it Jabba the Hut dress!!!!! Hilarious!