25 April 2009


Man, I have really been lazy on the cooking scene lately. So after a couple big trips to the grocery store to restock the shelves and the frig, caboose and I had a good cooking night last week. He did a great job of cooking my favorite risotto (from the family cookbook) and I made some Cubano sandwiches. It was a great meal and that asparagus & saffron combo just can't be beat. It's good to be back at it! If nothing else, I love the leftovers for lunch the next day! We've kept it going with grilled chicken tacos, pork chops and have Mumbai burgers up for next week!


  1. my menu looks pathetic compared to yours, what am I saying...I don't have menus anymore, see that is the trouble.

  2. i keep telling myself that i need to start writing out a weekly menu but i never seem to accomplish it. hopefully during the summer i will!

  3. stoppable:
    killer sandwich!
    very jealous here!

  4. Looks tasty! I think I need an invite next time I am in town. (hint hint) oh wait that wasn't a hint...I need to work on my skillz.

  5. This is about your SNL photos...
    BRIAN FELLOWS SAFARI PLANET!!! I once saw a video of a monkey washing a cat... that's CRAZY! Excellent choice my friend.