13 April 2009

Cashes Rivers @ GDP

Des Moines Music Coalition put on their fourth annual Gross Domestic Product event on Saturday, and, despite the questionable scheduling (the day before Easter? really??) it was a super fun time. Not only was my brother playing in a sweet time slot, but I was on the 'guest list' so I got in free! The Hotel Fort Des Moines ballrooms provided a nice venue and there was a good sized crowd for Cashes Rivers' set. The sound was really good, which isn't always the case when you have a lot of bands sharing the same stage. Lots of fun people to catch up with before the show and overall, a super good time. Even the two and half hour drive home afterwards wasn't bad! I was able to capture some good pictures of their performance if you want some visuals.


  1. very cool, love the pics, thanks for capturing the spirit. Great job caboose!! Love the drum line shot.

  2. "I'm on the list..." is supposed to be cool. So why do I always feel weird when I say it?

  3. hahaha..
    caboose's comment is so true. i felt very cool and excited to be on the list but when i walked up to the table i felt totally awkward and a bit pretentious when i said, "i think i'm on the list"

    oh well, it was still very cool and even more so when i saw how few names were on the list! yay for me! thx caboose!

  4. What a fun night! They did such a great job. HEY!!! I wasn't even on the list... you are big time middleson, look at you.