27 April 2009

AP Macro Sampler

With the economy always in the news now, and the AP Macro exam just around the corner for high school seniors, the NY Times has a sampler of AP Macro questions for people to try out and see how they do. They are multiple-choice, no drawing or reading of graphs involved (that's only on the written portion). Test yourself! I got 15 of 18, not perfect, but cut me a break, I haven't taught it for a year!


  1. i could have easily generated equivalent results by flipping a coin. (although from my score you might realize I could understand such an analogy)


  2. after I missed the first 5 , I decided I couldn't even take the test, I wasn't sure what was being asked, me thinking "is that the reverse of what I think it is?" or "is it the reverse of a negative question?" gave up.