18 April 2009

2 Sentence Thoughts

  • For the first time this year, I used the "all windows roll down" key for my car on my keychain today. It was a great feeling.
  • I went directly to Gray's Lake after school; stopping only to change clothes. It was SO nice that the sun was actually hot on my face; wonderful.
  • I am not a mentally-strong runner; my brain is my biggest enemy usually. I am happy that I made myself run two laps today and the four miles actually wasn't bad.
  • My lesson plans had been a rollercoaster this week from really good and fun to a sad effort. Is it coincidence that my best lessons always happen in the same class and my worst ones also always occur with the same group?
  • I had an enjoyable time standing in my driveway and chatting for 15 minutes with an elderly neighbor guy who was walking back and was from the same county back home as us. He was from Hamburg and we talked about school consolidation and SWI teams and coaches (Bob Weber, Dale Hackett, Leon Plummer) from the 50's and 60's.
  • The Horrific Killer Pandas wrapped up their indoor volleyball season this week with a win. Watch out for the Penguins of Mass Destruction hitting the sand this summer.

  • Why do my ankles look like this after I finish a run? Is it undisciplined running form or what?


  1. Good night, I am surprised you don't trip yourself, is that from your ankles banging together? Ouch. Good job on the run. Keep it up, once or twice a week. Just do it , so they say. :)

  2. You might want to run in a padded outfit and helmet next time.Just a suggestion.
    Great job on the run! I am my own worst enemy when running.. I just can't wrap my mind around it. I end up making fun of myself the whole time.. just to make myself prove it to 'myself' that I can do it.
    Yea.... I just admitted that.

  3. yeah, its from every once in while i'll scrape the inside of my opposite ankle with the edge of my shoe and it hurts! it only happens two or three times a run, but that's all it takes!
    maybe i need to wear taller socks.

  4. i've done it too. -- it's from running or walking 'too thin' a line. some people walk like a railway -- each foot stays on it's own track.

    others (including, according to legend, native americans and others concerned about stealthy approaches) walk with BOTH feet on the same line. this works great when you're moving slowly through some underbrush but not so hot when you're moving rapidly in shoes not made with soft caribou hide.

  5. i don't have any good suggestions on prevention - the socks are a good idea - or I also think that if you just cant your foot inwards a bit (is that pronate?) this will allow you to pass that protruding bone without a collision... then of course your shoes will look like mine where the edges don't wear evenly across the heel...