16 March 2009

Txting typos

I had a great trip down to Conception, MO on Sunday with homebase for mass and a visit to their gift shop. Beautiful weather, nice mass, fun conversation. On the way home we stopped in Maryville for a lunch at Subway. So we have our sandwiches and are munching away and the place is pretty busy. There are quite a few college kids, probably just rolling out of bed or maybe fueling up before a Sunday afternoon of studying. Anyways, there's this group of four girls and one of them is re-telling the events of the previous day. My favorite part is when she is describing the communications she had traded with a boy. "So I was texting him and I meant to say "Oh well" but instead I sent "Oh Wells Fargo" on accident!" and I just met him and this is like the first time I've texted him..." I could barely contain my laughter on that. Gotta love T9/iTap. What made me think of this is a text I received this morning from homebase. I'm assuming she meant to send "Thx" but instead it came out "Thxbox". :)


  1. ha! I have a bad habit of typing "busty" instead of "busy." ...it's made few a few awkward conversations.

  2. i know, what happens is they type what they think you want and I don't look to take it off and zip just as I spy the mistake it has already gong as something crazy. oh, well, i am just lucky to get the thing sent.

  3. good and home use the same keys and are often switched in my messages. as are he & if and go & in.