15 March 2009

St. Patrick's Day (warm-up)

We had a little pre-Patrick's Day weekend this weekend and we kicked it off with a visit to one of the most impressive fish fry operations I've seen. Mary Our Queen's Knights of Columbus do a great Friday night event every Friday during lent. Last week I hear they served just over 2,000 meals. That's a significant amount of fish! It was a fun time and the fish, mac-n-cheez, tator tots, etc were all super tasty. Saturday brought the annual parade and festivities in Imogene. As hard as it is to believe but this was the first time that I've even made it to Imogene on St. Patrick's Day. For those readers that don't know...1- St. Patrick's is my second favorite holiday, 2- I have a large arsenal of green and Irish themed clothing and accessories and love to bust them out on March 17, 3- Imogene is the location of my home parish, St. Patrick's church, 4-Imogene was founded by Irish immigrants and was then and is still rich in Irish heritage. Yet, I usually find myself in Chicago or Omaha or somewhere and haven't made it back home for the big day, so this year was a special treat for me. Add to that the fact that my younger brother, caboose, was playing with a friend at the local tap, the Emerald Isle, and it was definitely a big day. The parade was great. Short, yes, but what do you expect from a town that counted 66 residents in the last census?! I got some festive and fun pictures of the parade. I did not take any pictures of the "duck" races, jig contest, or sanitary-questionable potato-bobbing. I did get some nice shots of caboose and Tom rocking the place though! And a couple videos. Everyone I talked to was impressed by their musical stylings. Well done boys! Can't wait til the next gig! And I'm looking forward to the actual holiday on Tuesday! Slainte!

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  1. it was great fun, loved it all and Luke, very well done. :) Thanks for coming everyone.